Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Withered Fig Tree and Temple Cleansing...together...brought together

In the previous post i offered today,
God experienced two very human moments:

      Cursing the one thing we expect to meet our physical needs.
Here, hunger.

      Letting our emotions manifest physically.
Here, violently.

Jesus experienced a very God moment:

     Mark closes the two events
with Jesus offering a forgiveness lesson.

  Ah man...

Like in the Canaanite Woman's story, Jesus' humanity is very real.

         How do I respond to the opened and empty refrigerator?
         How often is my motivation for change brought through frustration?
         How many times have I profiled another
            because they entered the doors of a church that isn't one of mine?

     Can Mark close any of my experiences
with ME living God's forgiveness?


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