Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ah man...I'll tell ya now, "i am a mess." for the most part i am a happy mess. i really like the way i process my thoughts and feelings. I really appreciate how others work through their thoughts and feelings.

I am very tangential. my stream of consciousness will drive you and me crazy. be prepared, then, if you choose to read on...sometimes in this journal i will click the 'PUBLISH POST' after much attention to re-writes while other entries will be totally off the cuff. bear with it bare with me?

Words freak me out; but, I LOVE words...sometimes i just don't have them. Language in general freaks me out; yet, I LOVE language...sometimes i just don't know how to maximize it. I binge on words sometimes. I make up words or at least how to use them. I really like 'empty spaces' and 'negative space' on a canvas, in a sculpture, on a wall, on a counter top...and on the printed page. I use my keyboard's space bar a lot although it doesn't translate through the 'PUBLISH POST' button. i cannot figure that one out...i am a very animated listener and talker which is lost in the written word. i stand tall with my shoulders back when my interest piques and close my body when my thoughts wander away from the topic. my company can immediately tell where i am emotionally, intellectually and spiritually by how i work my body. enthusiasm = tears. frustration = zutata ~ family word to identify the bounce in my crossed leg's dangling foot.

I have catch phrases that actually follow a pattern: Ah man...Praise God...Amen...I am a mess...whoa...there you have it...what are you going to do...whew...and that symbol ~. what is that outside mathematics?

I am not a big fan of exclamation points; but love ellipses, question marks, and semicolons. I don't use any of 'em correctly! hehehe. i love grammar but rarely follow the rules. believe it or not i have a blast diagramming sentences as did Gertrude Stein.

Rhetorical questions are a waste of time for me. when i post or am presented with a question, my goal is to answer it and hear another's answer.

I tend to blank out when a statement begins with 'basically...' or 'go ahead and...' I am not sure why; but they start to stop my attention.

All right...let's get started...whew

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