Saturday, August 22, 2009

what's this all about?

in high school...all that time ago...i recognized i lived a life in conflict: my relationship with God and my relationship with the church, God in the Old Testament and God in the New Testament, my body & my mind & my heart, do i respond or do i react.

attending daily Mass was important to me. participating in daily Mass saves me.

soooooo, this space is the new vehicle for my journaling.

i am going to write about daily scripture: what i read how i read it what i hear how i hear it how it impacts me how i respond in my daily life

i come to scripture with an agenda: God is Love & Teach me to pray.

ah man...look at all those colons! speaks of two things: hehehe. I am either boring or full of poo. get it? colon poo ah man

we are very lucky at st. bernard of clairvaux because we have an 'open mic,' if you will, at daily mass. folks talk about the day's word openly, passionately, and talk with each other. we hear the word then share...powerful way to start the day, folks.

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