Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Triumph of the Cross ~ In my life

We celebrated the Triumph of the Cross Feast earlier this week. Let's talk about the amazing experience we all share the Cross. I want to explore this Tree of Knowledge, if you will, and the one in the Garden.

A prelude to the next journal entry.

Ah man...The Truimph of the Cross…

Texas Jeweler James Avery forged a pendant: the I Minus (a cross meaning "Others Come First, I Minus). My Aunt gave me one at my confirmation 34 years ago. I still wear it…

I tied three knots in a leather strap long enough to wrap my wrist three times. From there the I Minus hangs.

One knot is my Integrity Prayer: “Listen to the Word of God always. Feel the Word of God in my Heart. Speak the Word of God in my actions.”

Another knot is my Chastity Prayer: “Interact with another free of agenda. Interact with another as an expression of God’s Love. Greet another like Elizabeth hailed Mary. Hail another like Mary greeted Elizabeth.”

Another knot is my Poverty Prayer: “ God is everything. Everything is before me. My desire is God’s Love.”

One wrist wrap is God ~ the Altar.

One wrist wrap is the Word Incarnate ~ the Tabernacle.

One wrist wrap is The Holy Spirit ~ the Transubstantiation.

Be with me…

I breathe and my heart sighs...

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