Saturday, January 23, 2010

Exodus 12 ~ Pray with me

With my mantra

          God is Love

I just can’t grasp the last plague in particular to hit Pharaoh’s Egypt. 
The bloodshed suggested to come from God is too much for me.

I ask my heart, 

          “Do I accept this as a historic event or myth?” 

Actually, either is too much for me.  
It just doesn’t shout from the mountain tops, “God is Love.”

Let’s pick this apart.  

I am only bringing God’s conversation with 

I am NOT bringing Moses’ conversation with 
Pharaoh or Pharaoh’s servant.  

This is important.
I hold Moses word choice
        just may have been influenced 
by his passion while desperately pleading his case.

Alirght.  Alrightalright...  

(The Israelites) shall take some of (the lamb’s) blood 
and apply it to the two doorposts and the lintel of every house
in which they partake of the lamb.  
Exodus 12:  7

Alright.  Alrightalright...

Pray with me.  
Sit back. 
Take a deep breath.  
Forget the rest of the story for a minute.  
Forget everything you've heard about this story right now.  

Be with God.

      My prayer question here...

"Why did the Israelites have to mark their doors?"

What are you thinking?  
How are you feeling right now?  

Let's move forward another day, huh?

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