Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent Examen ~ Elizabeth and Mary

Praise God, huh?

All who pray with me know how much the interaction between 
Mary and Elizabeth 
changed my life.

I pray always that I will feel 
my spirit ‘leap within my womb’ 
as I greet another person.  

I pray always that others will feel
their spirit ‘leap within their womb’ 
as they greet me.

I pray always that my interactions with others 
will exemplify God is Love.

I pray always that my behavior 
will exemplify Emmanuel.

I pray always that I will recognize 
Emmanuel in others.

I hear this as the first reality of the New Law:

  Love One Another...

I hear the Old Testament
 ~ Elizabeth ~ 
welcoming the New Testament
 ~ Mary ~ 
right here…

I hear the New Testament 
~ Mary ~ 
bringing the Old Testament 
~ Elizabeth ~ 
through the transition…

The barren Elizabeth 
is the prophet here for me…

The barren Elizabeth 
is the first of the ‘old law’ 
to bring forth the proclaimer of Great Things to Come...

Praise God, huh?

When am I Mary with Emmanuel
 gestating within me?

When am I Elizabeth in Advent...
 waiting to feel Emmanuel gestating within me?


1 comment:

Barb Schoeneberger said...

Very interesting observation. I've not thought about Elizabeth being of the Old Testament meeting Mary of the New. A lot to think about.