Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lent: Exodus

With God is Love, 
I just can’t grasp 
the last plague to hit Pharaoh’s Egypt
at face value as a lesson 
about God.  
With the Good News in my heart,
I just can’t grasp 
the last plague to hit Pharaoh’s Egypt 
at face value as a lesson 
about God.
They shall take some of its blood
and apply it to the two doorposts and the lintel 
of every house in which they partake
of the lamb.
     Exodus 12: 7
if I hear the Good News as 
“I am chosen” 
this Exodus Story will mean more to me
at face value.
For on this same night 
I will go through Egypt, 
striking down every first--born of the land, 
both man and beast
Exodus 12: 12
Wow...This is why I love God…
I suggest God doesn’t distinguish between people.
I suggest God Loves every one.
With God is Love as the Good News I hear,
~ With God Manifested and walking with me ~
How many times do I hear Jesus say,

“offer the other cheek…”
“offer your cloak…”
“walk two miles…”
“love one another…”
With God is Love 
as the Good News I hear, 
this Exodus Story today is more about me… I judge…
    I justify my judgement… I choose...
   I justify my choices… I blame…
   I justify the blame I place... far i will go to
            ...offer the other cheek...
            ...offer my cloak...
            ...walk two miles...
WE choose by painting
the Blood of the Lamb
"to the two doorposts and the lintel of every house"
     ~ and perhaps continue to choose ~ 
who is God’s most loved and, 
more deserving to live.  
We had to identify
 ~ perhaps continue to identify ~ 
for God who is better than
…After all, God is Love. 
Warning:  TANGENT
I invite another to join me for the most spectacular part of my day…
I say,
 “Come pray with me in my tradition although you traditionally celebrate differently than me.  Hear God’s Word with me throughout God’s history with me:  
The Word before The Word was made Flesh, 
David’s cry of joy, sorrow, fear, anger, 
The apostles’ attempts to live like Jesus,
 The Word Manifest.  
stay seated while I join
 others like me 
at the alter to receive Jesus…
My strength.
My courage.
My hope.
My joy.
My love.
The Eucharist.
What could happen...
what would happen...
for my invited guest if I were to 
“apply the 
Blood of THIS Lamb
to the two doorposts and the lintel” 
of my invited guest’s house?
I wonder if I were one of the decision makers in Moses’ company if I would have the strength...the courage...the hope...the joy...the suggest to my fellow Oppressed, “Maybe the oppressors would ‘see the light’ ~ if you will ~ of our God if we apply the lamb’s blood to their doorposts and their lintel.”
In my heart, I hold an image of Jesus hanging from the tree as the “New Fruit” of Knowledge.  
I thank God that we are invited to ingest…digest…“New” Knowledge through the Eucharist daily ~ invited being the operative word!  I pray that I use my “New” Knowledge to better worship God, to better love God, to better be with God…I hope that I never use my “New” Knowledge to blame another, to protest another, to discriminate against another.  The fear of committing the same pattern of sin today as the First Couple in the Garden is unbearable.
In my heart, I hold an image of God Manifested hanging from the tree as the “New Fruit” of Knowledge.
The Word Made Flesh is mocked, humiliated, nailed to a us.
Yet, three days later Our Triune God waits for us in the same spot were we buried him away.
Yet, three days later Our Triune God calls out our names when we still don't recognize Our Triune God.

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