Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Road to Emmaus ~ Teach me to pray

Christ is risen!  Emmanuel...

Again, what is the Good News through

"(all) of the things that have taken place (in Jerusalem) in these days?”
Luke 24: 18

Jesus asks us, 

“What sort of things?”
Luke 24: 19 

Remember what Jesus asked
 the scripture scholar in 
Luke 10?
Bring that Prayer Question 
to our hearts 
while responding to 
Jesus' question 
"What sort of things?".  

Remember what Jesus asked
the scribes and pharisees in
Luke 5?
Bring that Prayer Question
to our hearts
while responding to
Jesus' question
"What sort of things?.

It is interesting to me
how quickly I tend to respond
with the timeline in those
     "sort of things."

Jesus ate dinner with his friends.

Jesus talked to Judas
about what Judas was about to do.

Jesus talked to Peter
about what Peter was about to do.

Jesus prayed in the Garden
while his friends slept
asking them to stay with him.

whoa...there's a prayer question for ya!
"Will no one stay awake with me?"

Jesus before Pilate.

Jesus before Herod.

Jesus before Pilate, again.

Jesus is scourged.

Crowned. readily i can type this outline!

What happens, then,
when I bring the "sort of things" home...
to my heart 
with the Prayer Questions in Luke 10 and 5?
What does that outline look like?  How does that feel...
How readily can I type that outline?  How does that feel...

Praise God and Amen...

Emmanuel...despite everything we do to God...

Praise God and Amen!


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