Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teach me to pray ~ "Jesus appears before God on our behalf" Hebrews 9: 24

Christ did not enter into a sanctuary 
made by hands,
a copy of the true one, 
but heaven itself,
that he might now appear before God
on our behalf.
Hebrews 9:  24
Oh wow...Praise God, huh?
‘made by hands’
Our hands?
‘a copy of the true one’
How do I view ‘the true one’?
How do I hope ‘the true one’ is...might be...should be?
How do I work my hands to build a copy of God’s ‘true one’?
Why do I work to build a copy of God’s ‘true one’?
‘on our behalf’
THAT’S it!
‘on   our   behalf’
Oh wow...Praise God, huh?
Read that again.
Please pray with me.
I raise Prayer Questions.
I find it is very easy 
  for these Prayer Questions 
                 to enter my mind
                 to enter my heart:
You really didn’t see me until now, God?
You really were not with me until now, God?
You really didn’t hear me until now, God?
You really didn’t understand me until now, God?
I anticipate Prayer Questions God raises:
You really didn’t see Me until now, My child?
You really were not with Me until now, My child?
You really didn’t hear Me until now, My child?
You really didn’t understand Me until now, My child?
Ah man…
I’m going somewhere some may challenge…
   That’s alright.
I’ve been challenged by others before.
   I hope I challenge my own thoughts and feelings 
   with as much vigor…
or simplicity…
   as another challenges me.
With that said…
Pray with me.
What is it like to interact with another in unconditional love?
Is unconditional love forgiveness?
My prayer explores these questions.  
I am kinda lost here.  
        Do I quote myself here or invite you to read earlier posts?
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See, I feel with my whole being that God 'learned' as much about us while Emmanuel...
See, I hope with my whole being that I learned with my whole being about God while Emmanuel...
I think I’ll leave this here.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

Prayer questions... God knows I'm always full of questions for Him. One of my parish's priests told me that sometimes it may be that God is seeking a sign from us, a demonstration of our faith in Him. Perhaps He also has questions for us. But are we listening?


My Heart Beats and I sigh said...

thanks, evan. this whole journal searches for prayer questions. i thought about writing an entry with the 'top ten' questions for me.
peace, boyd