Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ah man…

I had quite a rough week.  It would appear last week’s prayer post about John’s Gospel leading my soteriology thought hit a nerve.  I received a few pointed comments I am not publishing right now.  I am still struggling with that decision.  I was confronted pretty hard face to face by someone in another public forum where I openly shared how John’s Gospel leads my soteriology.  I am still struggling with that attitude and my behavior.

I choose a public forum to pray.

I choose a public forum to talk about my relationship with our Triune God.

Is this like ‘kiss and tell?’
Am I building a Tower, if you will, like I questioned on October 6th?
If I don’t publish the pointed comments is this blog actually proselytizing?
Others’ responses to questions I pose are as legitimate and heartfelt as the questions themselves.

My prayer ~ conversation ~ is all about the questions and listening to the answers or pondering
questions presented to me as answers; moving me deeper into my heart...opening my soul...helping me to become vulnerable to dependence on God alone.

Am I too selfish to open myself to others’ prayers?
Am I too frightened to truthfully open myself to my OWN prayer…

I pray I will pray free of any agenda always.

I pray Jesus will never have to say to me, “If I question, you will not respond.”
         ~ Luke 22:  68

I pray I will invite others to pray with me free of an agenda always.

I pray I will hear another's prayer always.

I pray I will live God is Love always. 

I pray I will feel God's Love through another person always. 

I pray (my soul) will leap in (my) womb, filling with the Holy Spirit when I am greeted by another always. 
          ~ Luke 1:  41

I pray (others' souls) will leap in (their) wombs, and be filled with the Holy Spirit when I greet them always. 
         ~ Luke 1:  41

Ah man…

This is the First Sunday of Advent.  Perhaps it is only fitting that I enter this Advent Season...this First Sunday of the Church Year...challenged by my own prayer…

Am I truly feeling 'the kingdom of God is at hand...within me?'
         ~ Luke 17:  21


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Colleen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comment. We are truly vulnerable when we post our feelings in public, aren't we? I just hope whoever comments will be respectful. It is one thing to disagree, another thing to attack. God bless.