Thursday, October 15, 2009

Breaking it down to simplify ~ Abraham with God & Jesus feeding the crowd

Remember Abraham and God sitting on the hill pondering Sodom and Gomorrah?  I remember it going something like this:

God told Abraham the plans for the cities.  I can hear God sigh...
Abraham begins his intercessory prayer, if you will, "Let me ask a question."
God's answer is definitive, "Alright. I hear you.  I'll modify the plan."

Get this...Abraham apologizes to God for taking so much time, "If it is alright with you, let me ask another question."  God doesn't even hesitate, "Go on..."

How many more questions does Abraham bring to God?  And, God stays around...
Abraham is breaking down the city crowds into smaller and smaller groups.

Eventually, God and Abraham stand up, brush the dirt from the seat of their pants and go their separate ways.

Imagine now if Abraham continued asking questions.

A huge crowd sat around Jesus...listening...feeling the presence of the Triune God.  Staying right there.  I imagine Jesus getting hungry so figured everyone else was hungry too.  Nice, right?

Jesus asked questions. "  How many people are with us do you think?"  "How much money do we have to get some food for everyone?"  "Can we do it?"

His friends told him there was no way that could happen because the crowd was too big.  They suggest that the people be sent away to care for their own needs.


In one of the gospel stories, Jesus   broke   down   the   big   crowd   into   smaller   groups,  "I'll tell you what...rearrange the people in smaller groups of 10."  Look at that!  Seeing the big issue's smaller parts put everything into a new light...a manageable task.

Emmanuel took up where Abraham left off.  Continue the conversation.  Pray constantly!

I liked starting my day with this post.  I feel my heart beat...breathe...and sigh.

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