Friday, October 23, 2009

The Canaanite Woman ~ on my mind

I call The Canaanite Woman Jesus’ spiritual director.

Here’s why…

I am very nervous.  I was blasted once when I presented this prayer in a retreat.  I understand totally why others find it just wrong.

Never the less, I am very nervous…

I bring back the question Jesus asked the scholar of the law, “How do you read it?”

I bring back the topic from an earlier prayer, ‘Who do the crowds say I am ~ in my heart, in my life, in my stillness.’  It seems so long ago...maybe in archives labeled CHRISTOLOGY. Christology in my naiveté.

I bring back the topic from an earlier prayer, ‘The Triumph of the Cross ~ in my heart.’  It too seems so long ago...maybe in archives labeled TRIUMPH OF THE CROSS.
Christology in my naiveté.

WARNING:  tangent!

I just realized how labels work!  I can click on any of the labels at the bottom of each post or at the very bottom of the visible page and the computer brings to the front all of our previous prayers on that subject.

I really need to take advantage of this.  I really need to edit the posts to add labels...



Jesus’ humanity is so important to me on so many levels of my my heart.

The Canaanite Woman.           Matthew 15:  22-28
The SyroPhoenician Woman.  Mark 7:  24-30

Jesus is walking with a crowd of people when an 'outsider' ~ that’s important ~ woman approaches him.  She needs his help.  She asks for his help.

He tells her his mission is with (the Chosen People).  He tells her it just wouldn’t be right to take food from Israel and toss it to the dogs.  Ah man...I can’t imagine what it must feel like for anyone...much less refer to me as a DOG!  Whoa…

What would I do?  How would I feel?  How many times have I called a person a Dog...less than me...thought of myself as ‘better than...
CHOSEN over another…



Let’s rest with that.  Sit back.  Feel my heart beat.  Breathe and sigh.

Another day, huh?

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