Saturday, October 31, 2009

Preparing for the Final Exodus Plague ~ in my prayer

We’ve talked about asking questions when we pray.  We’ve talked about listening to our Triune God’s questions when we pray.  

What do you think?  Is it working for you?

I love the questions ~ assuming you’re asking me the same questions!

Some where in this journal made public I share with you my prayer.  In my profile maybe?  The first post?  I don’t remember…

“God, are you the same now than you were before being Human?”

“God, are you Emmanuel ~ God is with us ~ always...before you were Human
...while you were Human

“God,  since you’re Alpha & Omega, why do the scriptures present you differently
 before you were Human
...while you were Human

“God, why did you want to be like me?”

I feel God asking me questions.

“Child, are you different now that you know I Am with you
...feel I Am with you?”

“Child, since I Am Alpha & Omega,  do you love me differently
before I became One with you in Flesh
...while I Am Flesh

“Child, will you be with me in Alpha & Omega?”

“Child, will you Love like I do?

Ah man...I cry.

You know what?  I have a tendency to add a “because” to my questions.  

You know what?  I add “Then why…” to my answers.
                                                     “But…” to my answers.
        “if…” to my answers.


I believe God leaves out the “Because’s,” the “Then why’s,” the “But’s,” and the “If’s.”

I believe God leaves out all qualifiers in his answers because God is Love...
God’s Love is unconditional...
God’s Will is to be Love…

Ah man...I cry.

My humanity is riddled with conditions.  

I judge.                      I compare.                      I make mistakes.  

I wonder if God manifested to be like me to experience conditions.

My child judges.       My child compares.       My child makes mistakes.

God is ever present. God is unconditional love. God searches for me...regardless.

Remember when we didn’t know what to do with all that new knowledge we ingested in the Garden so we hid in the trees?   Remember when we ran to God at the tomb when we heard God was looking for us?  

THAT answers my prayer question, “God, are you Emmanuel ~ God is with us ~ always 
….before you were Human
...while you were Human

Ah man...I cry.

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